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Giovanni Volpe: „Active Brownian Particles”
Universität Stuttgart

In recent years, active Brownian motion has attracted a lot of interest. Differently from simple Brownian motion, which is dominated by random fluctuations, active Brownian particles, e.g. bacteria, feature an interplay between random fluctuations and active swimming. Various model systems have been proposed for its study, e.g. Janus particles in a water-hydrogen peroxide. We propose a novel model systems where the swimming behaviour of the particles can be tuned by the intensity of illumination. We show how this leads to the possibility of studying the behaviour of active Brownian particles under new conditions, e.g. swimming behaviour depended on the particle position, and in new environments, e.g. non-homogenous and porous media. We also show how this may have applications for the study of the behaviour of bacteria.