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Zeinab Sadjadi: „Diffusive transport of light in foams and granular media”
Physics Department, Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, Zanjan, Iran

The propagation of light in turbid media has attracted much attention in recent years. Multiply scattered light can probe temporal changes in physical systems. Novel optical techniques (e.g. Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy) exploit the diffusive nature of light transport to provide information about the static and dynamic properties of an opaque system. We study the diffusive transport of light in disordered media with geometrical optics approach. Using the photon random walk in a disordered medium, we calculate the diffusion constant of photons with both analytical methods and computer simulations. We focus on soap foam, as the turbid medium which scatters light, and present two and three dimensional models for photon diffusion in wet and dry foams. Our analytical model for wet foam is also applicable in granular systems.