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N.G. Fytas: „Numerical Studies of Quenched Random Systems”
Depatment of Physics, Section of Solid State Physics, University of Athens, Greece

For more than 30 years now, and after the seminal paper of Imry and Ma, the impact of quenched, frozen-in, structural disorder on the critical behavior of magnetic models has become a topic of increasing interest. The three more studied classes of systems that fall into this category are: (i) random-bond, (ii) random-field, and (iii) spin-glass models. In this talk, I will discuss some recent results of my research on the first two classes of systems in two- and three-dimensions. After a brief intoduction to the physics of disordered systems, I will describe an efficient numerical strategy for the simulation of these type of spin systems that combines the idea of restricted energy sampling in the general framework of entropic sampling methods. Several successful applications of the above methodology, spanning from the three-dimensional random-field Ising model to two-dimensional systems with competing interactions and quenched bond randomness will be presented.